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We are Professional Laundry Solutions.

The commercial laundry in South Texas that builds success one customer at a time.

Our Story


Our founder, Bobby Hinojosa, is a third generation laundry professional with deep roots in the laundry industry going back 30+ years.


Bobby's grandfather, Frank Hinojosa started his company in 1985 out of his backyard office and warehouse. Frank’s reputation grew as a person that can be trusted with solid business advice, high quality products and parts and keeping his professional promise to customers and storeowners. In the early 90’s Bobby’s father Raymond Hinojosa joined in the family business to expand the territory and reach into the San Antonio and Valley. Together they opened their first laundromat on the Southside of San Antonio in 1992. From there they went on to owing and operating several laundromats throughout the greater San Antonio region.

Bobby recalls waiting for his father to come home from work on Saturday’s so they could visit each Laundromat.

 "We would do preventive maintenance, ensure the area’s were clean, use the busiest days, to talk to the customers and refill the change machines."

His summers were spent working in the stores from sunrise to closing, learning all aspects of a retail laundry operation. And most importantly, Bobby learnt how to conduct machine repairs and understood first-hand what customers wanted from their laundry experiences.

In 2004, Bobby officially started working with his Grandfather and father’s now growing and very busy laundry distributorship. His first task was to take a part and rebuild a new out of the box Wascomat washer. His grandfather Frank noting the importance of understanding every detail of how the machines run. Next was working in the parts department, understanding the need to use manufacture genuine parts, meeting and listening the customers. Soon Bobby and his ability to solve problems and create opportunity became the “go to” person within distributorship and the local laundry community.

In February 2008, Bobby moved to NY and joined Laundrylux within the inside sales department. Becoming an expert on the Wascomat and Electrolux products. While working at Laundrylux, he excelled and continued his education drawing on his 4+ years of in-market work and training. As a result of his passion for delivering the very best in customer service and unique knowledge of the industry and product, Bobby was promoted to the position of Regional Business Development Manager for the southeast part of the United States.

As a Business Manager, Bobby quickly grew a reputation like his father and grandfather before him, of putting the needs of customers first. He carved our relationships with investors, current vended laundry owners and business in supporting their unique OPL laundry goals. He was instrumental in reinforcing education as a means to better business while growing his distributor base, introducing them to new customers, new marketing strategies and general best business practices.

In 2015, Bobby decided it was time to make his dream come true, like he had for so many others. In late 2015, with the vast real life education and experience of 11 years building and growing markets within the laundry industry, he started Professional Laundry Solutions, a laundry distribution business dedicated to advancing the needs of Coin, OPL, New Investors laundry customers, and providing the very best Wascomat, Electrolux equipment sales, service and parts within the markets of Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, Laredo, McAllen, Brownsville.

Are you a current storeowner, a new investor looking to get access into the lucrative coin store market, or a business in need of energy and cost efficient OPL equipment?


Professional Laundry Solutions & Bobby Hinojosa with his team of professionals is your choice.

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